Superior Business Systems & Drink Wisconsinbly’s New Location

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MILWAUKEE, WI (March 12th 2019)—Superior Business Systems is pleased to announce it will be the managing company of POS systems for Drink Wisconsinbly’s new location in the coveted Fiserv Entertainment Block. Wisconsin lifestyle brand Drink Wisconsinbly will open the 3,500 square foot space at 320 W. Highland Ave, adjacent to the new, world-class Fiserv Forum, and will serve as both a pub and merchandise shop. Drink Wisconsinbly has closed its flagship location on National Ave yet will maintain the same look and feel by emphasizing Wisconsin culture at its new location in the Entertainment Block. “We are incredibly excited and proud to be bringing our flagship DW Pub to the Entertainment Block,” said John Casanova, president of Wisconsinbly Holdings and Drink Wisconsinbly Beverage Company LLC. Superior Business Systems is proud to be serving both customers and employees as POS provider at the new Drink Wisconsinbly location. The intuitive and efficient designs supplied by Superior Business Systems ensure quick, quality, and accurate service, especially for new locations. Superior Business Systems will install new equipment, program the system, and provide training for all employees to facilitate a seamless opening and continued operation. Joe and Angie Sorge, successful restaurateurs and the duo behind SideWork Hospitality Consulting, say of Superior Business Systems: “Having Superior Business Systems as a resource for all POS needs is incredibly beneficial to our business as well as our clients’ businesses. Focus POS, one of SBS’s specialties, is on the frontier of intuitive POS solutions and helps our client’s businesses expand exponentially. We think SBS and the new Drink Wisconsinbly pub will be fabulous partners and make for a very fruitful enterprise.”

Since our founding in 2011, Superior Business Systems has been responsible for developing new POS systems and customizing existing systems for a variety of businesses.

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