About Our Company


Since our founding in 2011, Superior Business Systems has been responsible for developing new POS systems and customizing existing systems for a variety of businesses. We are proud to be a veteran owned business. The systems we create are designed to help businesses run more effective and efficient operations while also ensuring that their unique requirements are satisfied. In order to provide our clients the best POS systems available, Superior Business Systems only works with reputable and respected systems. Our research into all corners of the market, including scalable POS systems, security, and inventory tracking systems has enabled us to pass on our findings to many of our clients. Customer service is the number one priority at Superior Business Systems. We strive to ensure that every client we work with is satisfied with the results of our work. Additionally we conduct training sessions for employees the same day we install new systems, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum efficiency. Any issues that arise after installation can usually be resolved by our knowledgeable remote assistance. Additionally, we offer on-site visits when necessary to maintain systems and resolve issues that may occur.

About the owner: Craig founded Superior Business Systems in November of 2011 after working as an installer and trainer for another company for a number of years. As the head of Superior Business Systems, Craig utilizes his 20 years of experience in IT to develop and customize POS systems for a variety of businesses. No matter the size of the job, Craig relishes the chance to work with clients to deliver exceptional products perfectly tailored to their unique needs.